BMW Club AGM Meeting – Nov. 21, 2018

Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 @ 7pm
Place: Biagio's, 1394 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R8

The BMW Car Club of Ottawa has been in action for almost 20 years (!) and have had a lot of excellent events with an amazing group of people. The club started out with a focus on social activities, meetings, tech sessions and drives through the country. Over the years we’ve added autocross, track days, Street Survival Schools, along with quite a variety of special events. None of these activities could have been organized and enjoyed without a solid group of volunteers and participants so I wanted to say a big thank-you to all!

During the last few years a lot of attention was spent on hosting Advanced Driving school at Calabogie Motorsports Park and many of those events were extremely successful. The last few years the attendance has declined, while interest in non-track related social activities is growing. We’ll be adjusting our program for 2019 to reflect those changes.

Meanwhile, we’ve got some great new energy in the executive team- Sumedha our tour-meister, Julie keeping our event registration process in tip-top shape, and Eric looking to bring in some specialized knowledge from the distributor end of things to name just a few. Of course Paul, Klaus, Louis and myself continue to work hard but we definitely welcome the new ideas and input.

All of this made us realize that the ‘formal’ part of our club was perhaps a little too informal: what are the bylaws? how do you become a director? how does the club actually conduct it’s business? We’re working on cleaning that up so that it’s totally clear to all members.

Bylaws - our current bylaws are old, don’t reflect current practice, and need a refresh. We’re taking this opportunity to base an updated set of bylaws on the National Not-For-Profit Corporation Act as it has a lot of well thought out sections, and should we ever move to incorporation will make the transition very easy. We hope to present the new set of bylaws before the next meeting and have a vote to formally accept them.

Director positions - we’ll be moving back to official elections for the director positions. This would normally happen at our Annual General Meeting, which has moved around a little bit during the last few years so we’ll bring it back to a regular schedule.

Annual General Meeting - we’re moving this back to our November meeting date (third Wednesday in November - this year Nov 21). We will use this meeting to talk about the positions, introduce the directors running for office, and based on past experience we will move to an electronic voting process so that people who can’t attend can still put in their votes. At the AGM we will also present the financial statement for the year, as well as describe our plans for 2019.

The new directors will be announced at the December meeting, which will continue to be a special Christmas Dinner event.

So stay tuned- we’ll be presenting a proposed set of bylaws, a clear list of director positions, invite candidates, have some discussion and then proceed to voting during the following weeks. Hope to see you there!

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