Carly! Bimmercode! NCSExpert! Code your BMW?

Carly! Bimmercode! NCSExpert! Code your BMW?
What the heck does that mean?
Modern BMWs (since mid-1990’s) have sophisticated electronics that tie many of the vehicle control systems together. Engine control, transmission, infotainment system, door locks, electronic windows and sunroof, daytime running lights, and much more. Some of these systems can be configured from iDrive but many can only be modified by interfacing directly with the car’s software through the OBD2 port. The dealer does this when they ’scan’ your car for defects, reset service lights, and diagnose problems. There are various tools on the market that allow you to do this yourself.
We will introduce you to a couple of different methods using some of the popular tools (laptop and mobile phone based), talk about the risks, cover some of the configurations you might want to modify and then perform some modifications to see how it works.
Come join us at this event near Carlsbad Springs on Sunday March 8th at 10am (just 20 minutes east of downtown Ottawa). One of our club members has a large heated garage space and has graciously offered to host us for this session. We’ll have coffee a donuts on hand. Detailed address will be sent to registered participants only.

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