Letter to our Sponsors

Thanks for your support in 2016.

The BMW Car Club of Ottawa would like to express our gratitude to all of our sponsors without whom our events and schools would be a prohibitive impossibility.

Through our sponsorship program our 2016 Street Survival School at Algonquin College was a great success showing that people with one year or 40 years of driving experience can have a fun filled day of learning basic accident avoidance, skid training, reaction time training, and the limits of their own vehicles.

Our HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) at Calabogie Motorsport Park brought together drivers from across Canada and the USA, even as far away as Florida. We host two schools per year on Victoria Day and the Big Three Day event in July.

BMWCCO 100 years of BMW event in conjunction with The Gatineau Aylmer Auto Show was a casual affair with attendees from Rimouski QC to Calgary AB. Everyone expressed a desire to repeat next year for BMW 101.

Our Member Meetings at Biagios Restaurant are community connection events held monthly and I am certain many members find the camaraderie of the club a great reward of BMWCCO membership in the Greater Ottawa Region.

As Ottawa moves towards a truly World Class City the population and thus automotive enthusiasm are growing instep, as a result we can join our sister cities of Montreal and Toronto as the Capital not only of Canada but a unique group of enthusiasts spanning two provinces, two languages and three great waterways. From the relaxing shores of Lake Ontario up the Rideau and Ottawa valleys to the scenic Mountains of the Outaouais we truly appreciate your decision to spend a portion of your promotional funds with BMWCCO.

We aim to demonstrate the wisdom of that decision with our membership numbers growing every year, new events like the BMWCCO 2016 Poker Tour and active participation within the Greater Ottawa Area shows that investing in BMWCCO was the right move.

We strive to expand people’s knowledge about your company and what you have to offer to our members. We seek out Sponsors that hold their own craft in the highest regard, and can service our member’s needs to the fullest.

At the same time, we hope our members recognize the effort being taken by each company listed on our website to support us financially and innovatively, by offering discounts, tips for care and enjoyable ownership, event space, and local support. We sincerely thank you for investing your time and money for our members, and we hope our members can return the favour and use your services when they are in need.

We have some amazing events in various stages for 2017 and our Annual 2016 Holiday Party.

Do not hesitate to get in touch proactively to any of the Board members if you have an idea, a new product line or just want to come out and be involved.

Yours Truly

Matthew K Dickinson

BMWCCO Director of Sponsorship