Street Survival School

The Street Survival School program is safe, one day driving event designed to build skills far beyond basic driver's education. Our program provides:

  • One-on-one in-car instruction.
  • In-classroom learning and collaboration.
  • Hands-on, emergency situation avoidance and recovery maneuvers.
  • Skidpad, Slalom, Emergency Lane change and other car control exercises.
  • Opportunity to learn how to handle your own car in emergency situations.
  • Lots of learning and fun in a friendly and supportive environment!.

Participants must have a valid Ontario G2 or G driver's license (or equivalent). A G1 license is not accepted. You must bring your own car (does not need to be a BMW!). No special equipment is needed. Vehicles with a high risk of rollover (SUVs) must be pre-approved before participating.

Registration is through our secure partner MotorsportReg

Thanks to our sponsors helping keep entry fees very very low!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I drive an SUV or Truck?

SUVs, SAVs, Trucks, Jeep-type vehicles, Minivans and other High Center of Gravity vehicles (HCG’s) will need to be verified before being allowed to participate. Older HCG’s without electronic stability control (not just the electronic traction control) will not be accepted.

These vehicles can prove to be poor choices for first-time drivers, especially small SUVs and trucks. Early models without traction and/or stability control have statistically proven to be unfortunate choices. These vehicles tend to be light in the rear end and thus have a tendency to “fishtail” during panic stops or when the road is slick. Even with four-wheel drive, pickups and SUVs are less stable, take longer to stop, and are generally more dangerous for a new driver. Most are top heavy and can tip or roll over under severe maneuvers. Less-experienced drivers may be more likely to use abrupt steering motions, that can cause rollovers. Please note that most older SUV and trucks are not rated the way cars are rated. These vehicles are not required to meet the same crash standards as a passenger car.

Our goal is to conduct the safest and most rewarding experience for your teen driver. Approved HCG Vehicles with electronic stability control may still be limited with respect to some of the exercises in which they are allowed to participate based on local venue conditions. If your new driver operates one of these type of vehicles and would like to participate, please look up the vehicles safety score.

You can see their rating test at click on Safety+Ratings and look up your vehicle. This review is for HCG vehicles only. Passenger cars do not need to be reviewed. Any vehicle with a listing of 3 stars or more out of 5 in the “Roll Over” test will be allowed to participate in our class. We are concerned about the Roll Over test on the HCG only. We are not concerned about the crash test ratings. Any HCG vehicle listed as “not rated” in the Roll Over test will not be allowed to participate.

Does the BMW Club Street Survival school provide vehicles to use in the event?

No. Students need to arrive in their own vehicle, or the one that they most frequently drive on a daily basis.

Do students have to drive a BMW?

No, absolutely not. We want students to participate in BMW Club Street Survival using the car they normally drive so they will understand the response characteristics of the car they drive daily.

Do parents have to attend?

While we cannot require that you come to the class we strongly suggest that you do. We encourage you to sit in the classroom sessions and listen to those presentations. Even though you have been driving for many years, we feel that there are things that you might learn from experiencing these with your new driver. We also feel that the importance of driving education and seriousness of this issue is reinforced when your new driver sees you taking an active interest in what they are doing.

Can students share a vehicle?

If siblings are attending an event together, and the car they both drive on a daily basis is the same, most certainly.

Do students wear helmets?

No helmets are required at the schools. All exercises are low-speed events and coaches are in the student’s car at all times during these exercises.

Will I receive a discount from my auto insurance provider upon completion of a school?

Every insurance company has different policies. Check with your auto insurer to find out more information.