Message from the BMW Club of Ottawa

Dear members and visitors,

Greetings from all of the executives of the BMW Car Club of Ottawa,

We hope that this letter finds you all happy, healthy, and safe during this difficult time. There have been many changes in the way we all live our lives and the activities that we enjoy. One of those joys we hope is our club. We want you to know that we have been meeting monthly to continue discussions on how to proceed with our beloved activities.

We do have some exciting things planned! We will try to have a track day in August. The date is not yet confirmed. Our Luskville Drag night will be September 12th with Autovation sponsoring a BBQ. We are planning to have a Street Survival in October. The date is not yet confirmed.

As for monthly meetings, cars & coffee and drives; these are all on hold until restaurants begin to open.

We appreciate your support during this time of change, and we will keep you updated via email, Facebook, and Instagram.

Until we can safely meet again stay safe and healthy.

Your Executive committee

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